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travel reads: Love in Italy
Love in Italy

Here are some good travel reads I saw around the ‘net this week – hope you enjoy!

Stop Pretending Everyone Can Travel

Oneika the Traveller, one of my favorite travel bloggers, dispels the popular myth that “everyone can travel.” Her post has sparked a lot of discussion across many platforms and I must say, I completely agree with her.

The Right And Wrong Way to Have a Travel Fling

Refinery29 looks out for those looking for some lovin’ on their next trip. A few funny stories in this one.

5 Travel-Centric Social Networks You Haven’t Joined Yet

Maybe I’m late, but I didn’t even know there were travel-centric social networks! Have you tried any of these?

My New Travel Wishlist

From the 9 to 5 Archives – my “new” travel wishlist. Funny to see how I’ve already knocked a few off this list and will knock another off soon!


I’m looking for more travel blogs to follow! I love a good travel read. Let me know some of your favorites or even list your own below!

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