Travel Reads: How to Take Great Travel Pics & More

10 Beautiful Cities in Europe You May Not Know

Have you been to any of these? Re-el TripAdvisor lists 10 places that you may need to add to your European bucket list. I’ve only been to one – Burano.

Tips for Taking Stunning Travel Photos of Yourself

If you’re selfie-challenged like I am, sometimes your travel photos can come out a little wonky. Gloria of The Blog Abroad gives her tips for taking amazing travel photos of yourself – and I will definitely use these on my trips from now on!

How to Vote in the US Election Abroad

All expats should vote in the upcoming US elections, and if you don’t know how, Alex of Alex in Wanderland is here to tell you. I recommend bookmarking this page if you plan to be out of the country this November.

How Americans Die Abroad

Have you ever had people question the safety of your travels? My number one worrier (hi Mom!) is always calling me with every reason under the moon why I shouldn’t take this trip or that trip. Thanks to this Time article, you’ll see that terrorism is not the biggest cause of death for Americans abroad and that it’s rare for Americans to die abroad of unnatural causes.

Are Group Trips the Way to Go?

From the 9 to 5 Archives: Friendly Planet and Gate 1 often have great sales, but is an escorted tour for you? Check out the pros and cons of taking one of these trips.


Hope you enjoyed these travel reads! I’m always looking for good content, so if you have a blog I should be reading, let me know in the comments!

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