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outside of Medellin, Colombia
outside of Medellin, Colombia

31 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Kristin of Be My Travel Muse compiled a great list of┬átips for solo female travelers, including “Politeness is never more important than safety.” The tips are good for all travelers, not just solo women.

Please Cancel Your Vacation to North Korea

North Korea fascinates me, but I’d never want to go there – especially after reading this. Check out a NY Times account of this writer’s first (and last) trip to North Korea.

100 Ways to Save Money on Airfare, Hotels & Food

Thrillist gives 100 great methods to save money on your next trip.

What to Do in a City During a Terrorist Attack

It’s sad that I would have to share this article, but it’s very informative. Reposted from Yahoo to Smarter Travel, read this plan of action to prepare for the worst.

How to Pick the Safest Hotel Room

Another article that mentions terrorism and travel safety in general, Travel & Leisure shows you how to pick the “safest” hotel room for your travels.

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