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Do you love exploring your destinations on foot while on vacation? Well today is your lucky day! I’m doing a giveaway of 20 free codes to the GPS City Walks App!

What is GPS City Walks??

GPS City Walks is an app, downloadable on Android and iPhone. It takes the place of booking a tour guide by giving you walks you can do on your own! The app is free, but the walks and maps are available for purchase. They have walks in over 470 cities, and many of the cities have more than one type of walk available. The maps work offline, which is a godsend when you don’t have wifi or an international plan on your phone.

How It Works

You can download the app for free, as stated above. Once you download the app, you have the option of purchasing the city map/walks for the city you’re visiting. The walks have great range and go above and beyond the normal walking tours you’d find abroad. For example, New York City has a whopping 19 walks, Dubai has 9, Karachi, Pakistan has 7, Marrakech, Morocco has 15, Lisbon, Portugal has 16! The walks are in neighborhood categories, as well as food, shopping and nightlife. Did you catch the TAP Portugal error fare the other day and are going to Madrid? There are 19 different walks available in Madrid, including “Hemingway’s Madrid”, for all those Ernest Hemingway fans!

Giveaway: walks
On this page, you see all categories of walks available.


How I Liked It 

I wouldn’t do a giveaway for my readers unless I’ve tried it for myself. GPS My City gave me a code to try out their walking tours in NYC and I took advantage of it this past weekend. I decided to do the New York’s Top Museums Walking Tour.

Giveaway NYC
Beautiful day in NYC for my walking tour!

The app tells you how long the walk will take, which is very helpful. My walk clocked in at 3 hours – however since I started late (my Sundays are super busy), I knew I would have to finish in 2 hours or less to make the best of this tour.

Giveaway: route
My route for the day!

The first stop on the tour was The Museum of the City of New York. Thanks to my NYC ID card, I received a free yearlong membership to the museum, so I didn’t have to pay to get in. I haven’t heard much about this museum so I was surprised to see how nice it was on the inside! They even had a yoga workshop and film screening that day!

Giveaway: info
Helpful information – It’s much more than what’s shown, at least 2 scrolls worth!

The app gave me lots of relevant info about the museum before arriving, including operation hours and a picture, which was helpful. I’ll have to go back to this museum – it seemed like it had so much to offer!


Giveaway: City Museum
The City Museum of NYC

The 2nd stop on my tour was The Guggenheim. I’ve been to the Guggenheim a few times – I was on a crunch for time so I didn’t stay long. They’re currently showing the exhibition: Peter Fischli David Weiss: How to Work Better, which I must admit, freaked me out just a little. Sorry, never claimed to be an art critic!

My next stop is another one I’m fairly familiar with: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met. The app gave me good walking directions to my next stop (although it’s a straight shot). I actually just went to The Met a couple of weeks ago, so I skipped going inside for this one. On to the next!

Giveaway: The Met Museum
Lots of people enjoyed the Met (or just it’s steps) on this beautiful day.

The route for this walk takes you through Central Park, which is one of my favorite places in NYC. It’s great for someone to walk through even when not using the app! It brought me to my 4th and 5th stops, the Hayden Planetarium and the American Museum of Natural History. I was tight on time, so I skipped the Planetarium and went to my favorite museum in NYC, Natural History.

Giveaway: Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History at closing time

Sadly, I never made it to stops 6 and 7 as I ran out of time and everything was closing. However, I greatly enjoyed using the app! I think it’s a good investment for solo travelers especially, since they tend to be on a budget and sometimes tours are built for pairs of 2 or more.

How Can I Win This Giveaway??

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