Finding America in Paris – 4 Places to Get Good American Food

Obviously Paris is known for the best food in the world – but even the biggest francophile can tire of French food! Even if you’re not an expat, it’s possible want a little bit of America in Paris while on your trip.  I definitely get homesick from time to time and there’s a few places in Paris that attempt to remedy that. Check out this list of where to get American cuisine in Paris.


Beast Restaurant
Beast Restaurant

A newly opened barbecue spot near Republique, this place claims to have meals that rival BBQ in Texas. The reality? We started with the buttermilk biscuits as an appetizer. It’s worth noting that the biscuits are displayed near the cash register. When you order one, they simply pick it up and give it to you. As such, my biscuit wasn’t warm or even room temperature – it was slightly cold and a bit chewy.



Thankfully, my main course was better. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which was very good. It came with coleslaw and pickles on top – while I wouldn’t say it’s as good as BBQ in America, it hit the spot for the time being. My dinner companion (shout out to Lyneks!) got the beef brisket, which she also enjoyed. Beast offers several sides and this is where they’re failing. My companion ordered the mac and cheese – turned out to be a disastrous mistake. Although we were assured that the mac and cheese was one of their best sides, penne pasta with hot nacho cheese on top is not mac and cheese. I got the baked beans, which were decent.

Not my plate! But some of Beast's offerings via their Facebook page
Not my plate! But some of Beast’s offerings via their Facebook page

Check out David Lebovitz’s review of Beast from last year – he liked it more than I did.

Coffee Parisien

America in Paris
Obama artwork in Coffee Parisien

Coffee Parisien is a chain restaurant that boasts an American menu. With locations in Saint Germain, the 16th and the suburbs, Coffee Parisien doesn’t just have American food, but they also host American events such as voter registration nights. I’ve visited the Saint Germain Coffee Parisien location for lunch – however I’ve noticed the REAL fun happens there late at night. The tables are often packed with people enjoying good conversation over equally good food.

America in Paris
Cheeseburger from Coffee Parisien

When I went, I ordered a cheeseburger – classic American, right? Although cheeseburgers are easily found on Parisian menus, I’ve had a hard time finding ones that live up to the American originals. This cheeseburger is the closest I’ve had to an American cheeseburger. Tasty and not too expensive, I wouldn’t hesitate to order this meal again.

America in Paris
Eggs Benedict from Coffee Parisien

Although Coffee Parisien doesn’t open until noon, they offer breakfast all day. Swing by for your taste of American breakfast (including french toast!) any time you please.

Shakespeare and Company

Perhaps the most famous American/English bookstore in all of Paris, not to mention one of the oldest. American George Whitman opened the store in 1951, then named Le Mistral. He changed the name to Shakespeare and Company in 1964. Whitman passed away in 2011, but his daughter is now running the store – which includes two locations and a cafe. The cafe opened in fall 2015 and you’ll almost always find a line outside.

America in Paris
Interior – photo by Edouard Augustin

Located in a touristy part of town, near Notre Dame, this cafe offers many vegetarian options (their soups are amazing!), fresh pressed juices and pastries, including an American favorite, pecan pie. I went by on a sunny spring day with Maya from La Vie Locale and I’m so glad I went. The food was great and there are great views from their outdoor tables. The menu often changes, so I suggest swinging by to see what’s available.

America in Paris
Shakespeare and Company exterior – photo by HiP Paris

The fresh pastries come from Bob’s Bake Shop, another great spot in Paris to get your American fix. Started by a New Yorker, Bob’s Bake Shop and Bob’s Kitchen are popular with expats for their brunch, featuring American style pancakes. So check out Shakespeare and Company to buy a book and buy some food! Just be prepared for the wait or show up on off hours.

13-a Baker’s Dozen

I went to this place on the recommendation of a friend and I’m so glad I did! Thanks Ruby! Owned by Laurel Sanderson, an American expat from Charleston, South Carolina, this cafe often called “Treize”, (the French word for 13) is warm and inviting. The minute my friend and I walked in (once again, shout out to Lyneks for always being down for a culinary experience!), I felt like I was in an alternate universe. “Hey Y’all! Coming for brunch?” Chef Laurel shouted at us as we entered the cozy restaurant. Oh yes, I knew this was a good choice.

America in Paris

Brunch is one of their most famous offerings. You can order a la carte, or choose the “Fancy Brunch” or “Big Fancy Brunch.” Both come with complimentary fresh pressed juice, an entree and a hot drink, but the Big Fancy Brunch also includes a starter. All for under 30 euros! I ordered a “Fancy Brunch” with the French Toast Chicken and Biscuits,  one of their most popular dishes. It’s “not fried fried” chicken with buttermilk biscuits dipped in buttermilk and cooked like french toast. It was an amazing meal – and a rather large portion for Paris! I could barely finish my dish but I enjoyed every bite. Most of the tables nearby ordered the same thing, along with extra helpings of the complimentary juice. Brunch is served all day Saturday, until noon on weekdays and sometimes on Sundays.

America in Paris
French Toast Chicken & Biscuits – Jarron Horrocks for Vanity Fair

Honestly, even if the food weren’t so good, I’d still recommend this place. If you’re homesick or even just craving Southern hospitality, this is the place for you. Most of the wait staff is French, but somehow you still feel like you’ve been transported to the American South. Whenever I’m missing the sound of a “y’all” or genuine Southern accent – I will be sure to come back here.


Vanity Fair covered Chef Laurel Sanderson in 2015, as well as the recent influx of southern food in Paris.

Here’s a few other places you can find America in Paris:

Kraft Hot Dog



Breakfast in America 

Schwartz’s Deli

PDG (Pretty Damn Good) 

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