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Why Travel Makes You Awesome
Nomadic Matt clearly shares my sentiment with this post on why travel makes you awesome. Check out this amusing (and true!) post.

How to Fit 2 Wks Luggage as a Carry-On
Tired of checking luggage? Lifehacker shows you how to be all about that “under the seat in front you” life. I can’t say it would work for me, but to each his/her own!

Does Traveling Make You More Open
Now that we know why travel makes you awesome, does it REALLY make you more open? Check out my friend Lyneka’s blog about how travel has changed her.

Ok, so there’s not one specific blog post I’m highlighting on here. This entire website is great. World traveler Addison’s website is designed to help you find out if you need a visa to visit a certain country, how to obtain it, how to find a job there and even how to online DATE while there!There’s advice, tips and info on over 100 countries.

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